A chemical company born from a discovery / Cashew Co., LTD.

We created Only One We created Only One We created Only One

Cashew coating products are penetrating into a wide variety of markets from daily commodities to cutting-edge digital devices.

It all started with an encounter with a piece of cashew nut. Our company started with unconventional lacquer coating and friction material produced from plant phenol compound extracted from cashew nuts. Using this new discovery as the first stepping stone, we have now developed ourselves into a chemical company with a high reputation in a wide variety of coatings markets such as digital device consumer electronics, home appliances, cars, and residential houses. Our manufacturing is always based on this spirit of “New Discovery”. Which client is looking for what kind of coating for which products? We are developing products through extensive research to explore new possibilities of coating.

Satisfying all customer needs, Cashew is looking at the future of coatings from a global standpoint.

Global Network

It is said that globalization in Japanese industries actually started in the mid 1980’s.However, Cashew focused on the world much earlier, in the 1960’s.Today the name “Cashew” is rather better known in world industries.We at Cashew still aggressively promote our global strategy in order to enhance the implementation of our supply chain which provides the same quality and service anywhere in the world.