About Cashew


Cashew has, since its establishment, maintained a spirit of challenge, continually creating value through creativity and contributing to society alongside our stakeholders and achieving growth.

In the current global movement towards a sustainable society, we, as the innovative company Cashew Group remain committed to harmonizing with society and aiming for further growth. Toward this goal, we are focused on the establishment of an efficient operational structure, responding to environmental changes with consideration for fostering the growth of diverse team members. Our goal is to build a system that promotes research and product development for creatively rich values across the entire group. Our focus is on building a system that will enable us to contribute more at a timely pace.

Cashew Group has grown through the possession of a wide range of market-oriented products and consistently manufacturing and supplying theese through a global infrastructure. We are confident that by collaboratively creating and delivering innovative values with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the local community, we can build new successes that contribute to a sustainable society in the future.

Furthermore, we prioritize health and safety management and continue to enforce compliance,and strengthen our governance structure through the establishment of risk management systems. Upholding these principles, Kashu Group will continue to deliver these values as it has done so in the past.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders. We look forward continuing and expanding our sustainable and mutually beneficial future going forward.


Brand Statement

Imagination and Endeavor

The Cashew group remains unwavering in its spirit of challenge, striving to be an 'innovative company' by developing unique products and services through 'Imagination' and contributing to society.。

Cashew Philosophy

Cashew Group Vision

Will be the Innovative Company with Society.

Our direction at the Cashew Group is to become an innovative company that adapts in harmony to changes in society and the environment.

Cashew Group Mission

Together with Stakeholders

We, the Cashew Group, are filled with creativity and will build a fair and trusting relationship with our stakeholders.our unique products and services and contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for society in collaboration with our valued stakeholders.

Cashew Group Value

"創造 (Sou-Zou)", 創-Sou- means "Imagination" and 造-Zou- means "Endeavor".

The guiding words that define the Cashew Group values.
The Cashew Group interprets these Japanese words '創造(SouZou)', as a reflection of our values.

Challenge to Innovation

・The Cashew group will pursue innovative products and services through unconventional thinking, breaking free from conventional concepts.

・We are committed to exploring and building a range of solutions in collaboration with our stakeholders and encouraging the ""growth"" of our Cashew members throughout the entire Group.

Harmony with the Natural Environment

・The Cashew group aims to achieve harmony with the natural environment through our business activities and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Safety and Security

・Safety is our top priority. The Cashew group still continue to educate and enforce compliance with laws and regulations related to safety and hygiene, ensuring the creation of a work environment where employees can feel safe and secure.

・Cashew group is committed to constantly working towards creating a safe and healthy workplace.


・The Cashew group will embrace diverse cultures, opinions, and perspectives, irrespective of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, or background, to conduct a global approach to corporate management.

Legitimate and Sincere

・The Cashew group complies with laws and regulations and establishes transparent and fair relationships with our stakeholders.

・In providing our products and services, The Cashew group strives to fulfill our social responsibility as a global corporation, while simultaniously working towards building and maintaining continuous trust from our stakeholders.

Cashew’s Spirit

Maintaining a spirit of challenge by contributing to society through “The power of Sou-Zou”(創造力).

The founding spirit of the Cashew Group is to contribute to society by continuously harnessing creativity, while maintaining the spirit of challenge, to create innovative product value and consistantly provide these products and services.
Cashew defines the power of Sou-Zou (創造力) as “Power to generate dreams and the endeavor to realize those dreams once they are born”.