Cashew Products Quality
Management System

At The Cashew group, we operate fundamental quality policies within our corporate values. In delivering products and services, we aim to fulfill our social responsibility as a global company while actively engaging in ongoing efforts to build trust with our stakeholders.

The Basic Policy for Cashew Products Quality Assurance Activities

  • ・We, The Cashew group proactively listen to customer feedback and reflect these points it in our business activities, and strive for continuous quality improvement.
  • ・The entire group is committed to developing and improving products that are safe and environmentally friendly, in harmony with the environment.
  • ・We The Cashew group will comply with domestic and international regulations in all situations, and cooperate and conform to international agreements and standards.
  • ・We, The Cashew group fulfill our responsibility for transparency to society in our corporate activities and continuously strive to enhance trust.

Cashew Products Quality Management System

Product Quality Plan

We, The Cashew group agree our goals and iniate plans to achieve the desired product quality based on market trends and management reviews, aligning them with the appropriate regulations and standards.

Product Realization

Within our product development and improvement processes, we The Cashew Group strive to comply with the the changing global conditions and restrictions . This process takes into account the stability of all outsourced material procurement and controls and records the manufacturing processes and batch numbering of all products. In addition, we initate all developments with a focus on establishing manufacturing conditions that ensure stable production with consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

We The Cashew group constantly monitor and manage products and manufactuting processes and where these do not meet our the target quality levels, implement corrective and preventive measures, including changes to product design, revision of work procedures, adjustment of equipment/machinery, worker education, and environmental improvements. These issues and corrective actions are controlled through internal audit bodies in accordance with the international standards including ISO9001 and ISO14001 and our internal standards, in the pursuit of continuous product and process improvement.